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What are the cleaning details of the wave washing machine

From: Administrator Time: 2022-09-29 16:45:20 Click: 897

What are the cleaning details of the wave washing machine?On this questionTianjin Cleaning CompanySmall series to take you to understand in detail。

Start by pouring 200ml of rice vinegar onto a dry towel。
Then put the towel covered in rice vinegar in the washing machine。
Put the lid on the washing machine, press the power button, set it to dry, and then press the start button。After a while, the inside of the bucket will be evenly coated with rice vinegar and left on for 1 hour, which will soften the dirt。
Pour half a bag of baking soda into the baking soda and dissolve the baking soda。
Fill the washing machine with water, pour the baking soda into the washing machine and let it soak for 2 hours。
Remove the top tank on the inner cylinder wall and turn on the power. Turn off the faucet switch connected to the washing machine to avoid automatic injection of cold water. Manually add warm water between 40-50° and half the water level of the bucket
Dissolves 3 packages of washing machine detergent in warm water in the basin and then pours into the washing machine bucket
Run for 5 minutes Turn off the power before the drum stops turning and start soaking. Soaking is to fill the water to a high water level. It is recommended to soak for more than 5 hours for the first time.
Because mold is very sensitive to temperature, the survival rate in water at 35 ° C is very low, and it is almost zero in hot water at 45 ° C, so cleaning with 45 ° C hot water can also effectively remove mold。
Clean it like this every once in a while, so it is difficult for dirt to accumulate in the washing machine。