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Shengjie (Tianjin) Property Management Service Co., LTD

Contact phone: 13820068508


Add: No.A-88, Liuhe International, Chentang Village, Dagu South Road, Hexi District, Tianjin


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Corporate culture

Corporate Mission:

Benefit society Achievement enterprise realize self

Corporate Vision:

Strive for excellence and excellence Growing in profit helps others develop

核心★ Values:

Be grateful to others Never complain about sustainable development and shared achievements

Enterprise philosophy;

Details determine success or failure. Responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai

Enterprise quality policy:

Service quality is the life of an enterprise Customer satisfaction is our cornerstone

Business management policy:

Compliance with regulations Ensure safety, improve the environment and pursue excellence

Cost saving Continuous improvement

Property Management concept:

We're all family

Property Service concept:

诚信 Professional, enthusiastic and efficient

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