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How to avoid moldy bathroom tile?

From: Administrator Time: 2022-08-26 09:27:05 Click: 958

Bathroom tile mold how to better avoid it?On this questionTianjin Cleaning CompanySmall series to take you to understand in detail。

Trick one: tile seepage and mildew prevention measures
  Bathroom tiles, in order to keep them clean and bright, can be cleaned with multi-functional decontamination cream。As for ceramic tile crevices, you can dip a toothbrush into a little decontamination paste to remove the stain, and then brush a waterproofing agent in the crevices。This will not only prevent seepage, but also prevent mold growth。
Trick two: Clever way to clean the glass
  Mirror and window glass, you can spray a large X shape on a whole piece of glass with a spray glass cleaner, and then fold the wrung out rag, wipe it around in one direction, and wait until the glass is seven minutes dry, and then wipe it with a dry cloth。It can be rubbed with old newspaper, and the ink from the paper can make the glass shine as bright as ever。
Trick three: Perfect faucet unloading
  Faucets (showers) often get a variety of body wash, shampoo, dish soap, etc., which will make the chrome-plated surface of the faucet dull。You can take a neutral detergent spray on a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the faucet once a week。Do not use acid or abrasive cleaning agents, wire brushes to "torture" the faucet。
  Long-term use of scale will block the shower eye, like this can be disassembled and soaked in weak acid water, you can use vinegar instead, about 30 minutes can be dredged。In this way, the shower shower of soft rubber particles after soaking is very convenient to clean, and the rubber particles at the water eye can be dredged by hand。
Tip 4: Make a whitening mask for the toilet
  First put the right amount of water in the toilet, take the toilet brush to clean again, and then pour 5 to 10 ml of cleaning agent or salt and acid solution, brush evenly after brushing, such as dirt is heavy, you can pour a little cleaning agent soak after brushing, and then rinse with clean water。
Tip 5: Ceramics are as bright as new
  Another convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean sanitary ware is to use white vinegar and lemon peel。First scrub the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, and then wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar or wipe with lemon peel, just for a moment, the sanitary ware will be bright as new, and it will send out a fragrance。