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Safe use of electricity during cleaning

From: Administrator Time: 2022-09-08 16:03:11 Click: 1182

How to use electricity safely in the cleaning process?On this questionTianjin Cleaning CompanySmall series to take you to understand in detail。

  1) Understand the main power switch, learn to turn off the main power supply in an emergency。
  2) Do not use hands or conductive materials (such as wire, nails, pins and other metal products) to contact and test the inside of the power socket。
  3) Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands, do not wipe electrical appliances with wet cloth。
  4) Electrical appliances should be unplugged after use;Do not pull the wire when inserting or removing the power plug to prevent damage to the insulation layer of the wire and electric shock;If the insulation skin of the wire is peeled off, replace the wire in time or wrap it with insulation tape。
  5) Primary and secondary school safety education knowledge learning materials - find someone electrocuted to try to turn off the power in time;Or use dry sticks and other objects to separate the electrocuted person from the live electrical appliances, do not use the hand to directly save people;When young students encounter this situation, they should call for help from adults and do not deal with it themselves to prevent electric shock
  6) Do not disassemble, install power lines, sockets, plugs, etc。Even simple things such as installing light bulbs should be turned off first and carried out under the guidance of parents。
  7) In the use of electrical appliances found smoke, sparks, emit burnt odor, etc., should immediately turn off the power switch, stop use。
  8) Cut off electrical power before going to bed or when you leave home。